About us


Hammarlund Homes is a small company that started in 2001 when Åke and Kerstin Hammarlund bought a property in El Galan, Las Filipinas Oriuela.

They moved into their newly built house in 2002 and after that you have invited loved ones to show their fantastic Costa Blanca, the amazingly beautiful weather, all the sights, vineyards, golf courses, restaurants and exciting markets that you can visit.

To the Costa Blanca, colleagues, friends and a large part of the family have now moved, after so many years it feels quite right to build a brokerage company that takes responsibility and has high quality in their customer contacts and deliveries.


Kjell Hammarlund has for many years run companies in Sweden, when in 2012 he decided to bring the family and move down. He started his brokerage course on the Costa Blanca, by working for Masa International and then starting up the Svenska Mäklarhuset with colleagues.

Simon Hammarlund has after studying in Spanish at the University of Alicante chosen to start at Fastighetsbyrån and then work at the Svenska Mäklarhuset.

Gunnar Mannerfeldt has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur in Sweden and is an administrator.